• Vacuum Capacitor presentation
    July 2020

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  • FREEL TECH participated to the final pitching event of the InnoEnergy contest
    March 2019

    FREEL TECH has been selected as one of the 21 finalists (out of 235 projects) in the frame of the the "Global electric storage call for Startups", organized by InnoEnergy. The final pitching event for these 21 companies was held in Amsterdam on March 19th – 21st.

    See our press release.Energy storage illustration

  • FREEL TECH became a Member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions
    (by Solar Impulse Foundation)
    December 2018

    Our profile is visible on the platform of the Solar Impulse Foundation Solar impulse foundation logo

  • FREEL TECH video
    December 2018

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Facts about energy storage: did you know that…

Various calculations show that the introduction of a high share of renewable, intermittent sources of energy, higher levels of electrification in the various sectors as well as millions of EVs on the road, show that it cannot be achieved without genuine, very-large-scale energy storage. Typically, up to tens of TeraWatt.hours (TWh) may be needed at the scale of only one medium-size country like France, if it would like to reach a close-to-100 % level of electricity produced from renewable sources of energy.

By following the current track and using electrochemical batteries or hydrogen, we will likely be quite far from covering the genuine needs of a decarbonated world in terms of energy, as urged for by the latest reports on climate change.

So we are in an urgent need to have better, higher-density, safer, cheaper and more sustainable solutions for energy storage.

Meet the Vacuum Capacitor, a technology that will definitely change the game in energy storage!

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