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FREEL TECH AG. is a Luxembourg-based innovative start-up, established in 2017, which is developing and testing the Vacuum Capacitor technology, covered by several patents since the early 2010’s.
Since 2018, the company is in early talks about cooperation for large-scale development of the technology with interested industry players.

Our team:

CEO picture, Michael Irgang
CTO picture, Roman Kholoshenko
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Michael IRGANG
Chief Executive Officer

Born in 1973 in Germany, Michael studied in France and graduated from Mines Paristech (civil engineer).
Michael has a 20+ years of working experience in Russia, in particular in the energy sector (nuclear, oil and gas, renewables) and other industrial areas, while also running local subsidiaries.
He actively participated in key projects in the nuclear fuel cycle sector (such as the HEU-LEU agreement, providing a highly-valued uranium resource, derived from discarded Russian weapon material, to US utilities, fueling up to 50 percent of their needs in nuclear fuel over 20 years, hence allowing to produce 10 % of US electricity over a 20 years period). He continues to provide professional assistance to key players on this market, as well as to manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power plants.
From his youth, Michael developed a taste for fundamental and applied physics. He created in 2016 an amateur website (www.physics-evolution.ru), dedicated to interesting theories and facts in theoretical physics, as well as various empirical results and new applications. This way, he fortunately remained prepared to identify disruptive knowledge and technologies : in 2014, he discovered the vacuum capacitor project, supported its development and eventually fostered the inception of FREEL TECH.

Chief Technical Officer

Born in 1969 in Rostov, South of Russia.
After having served in USSR’ forces in the late 1980’s, including in hot spots, he completed his high school studies as a civil work engineer. At that time he already wrote a diploma about the control of an electric arc with magnetic field.
Roman entered private business in 1993, rising fast in the hierarchy of its first employer, a food producing plant. He then run a plant producing vegetable oil, as well as the R&D and commercial development of an innovative bio-diesel production process, in the Southern Russian region of Rostov.
His main innovations (including the Vacuum Capacitor, but also in hydrodynamics, plasma technologies and others) have been fostered in the 2000’s, within different groups of enthusiastic and talented experimenters.
Roman has headed the team (highly skilled in electronics) which developed and tested the first prototypes between 2007 and 2011 approximately. Along with a few co-authors in , in 2010 – 2011, Roman filed patents for the Vacuum Capacitor in various countries, which were eventually transferred to FREEL TECH at the time of its inception, in 2017, as Roman’s in-kind contribution, together with the corresponding know-how.

Jean-Philippe GINESTET
Technical Director

Jean-Philippe has a 20+ years of industry experience, he is a leader of the organization of research and development to lead and train engineers in industrial technology. An expert for project management for public and private funding in the field of research and innovation (electronics, IT, energy technologies), Jean-Philippe has a strong hardware & software architect background, along with advanced technical/architectural skills in engineering, real-time hardware & software, Internet, PAAS, SAAS, HPC, energy conversion. With a long track-record of defining new visions, selling them and driving their implementation, he proved to be a strategic thinker, capable of bridging the gap between product development and business teams.

Julien PLAN
Business Development Director

Born in 1975 near Paris, France, Julien graduated from INSA de Lyon (France) with a Master of science as a Mechanical engineer.
He worked in diverse industries, from vine-harvesting machines in a family-owned business, to the automotive industry (at BOSCH Diesel Automotive), and more recently in the high-tech nuclear industry, and then nuclear fuel production. He has a strong experience in Project Management, Manufacturing, Quality & Methods, and People Oversight.
Curious and keen on learning, he resumed his studies in 2017 and graduated yet with another Master of science, as a Nuclear engineer while he took Executive-MBA course simultaneously at EM-Lyon Business School.
He is deeply concerned with climate change, and his goal is to do something for the next generations and act for the planet. Open-minded, he is convinced that the vacuum-capacitor could be a real game-changer for massive energy-storage, solving the main drawback of intermittent renewable energies.
Since he became shareholder of FREEL TECH, Julien actively contributes to the project’s promotion.

William WEBER
Energy Engineer

Graduated from the Griffith's School of Engineering (Brisbane, Australia).
Expert in Energy Storage, Renewable Energy.


Post-graduate Degree in Banking&Finance (La Sorbonne, Paris, France).
Fundraising, Strategy, Valuation, Investment Policy, Financial Advisory.

Scientific support committee members, along our technical team:

Jean-Marc LAYET portrait

Prof. Jean-Marc LAYET

Prof. Jean-Marc LAYET
Professor at Aix-Marseille University

Electronic properties of surfaces; Interaction of photons and electrons with condensed matter;
Plasma-surface interactions, Ions-surfaces interactions, Tokamak physics.
Surface diagnostics, plasmas diagnostics.

LinkedIn :

Jean Paul Biberian portrait

Dr. Jean Paul BIBERIAN

Dr. Jean Paul BIBERIAN
Professor of Physics at Aix-Marseille University

Engineer in nuclear science and electronics, doctor-engineer and doctor of science, Jean-Paul Biberian worked for many years on the physico-chemical properties of surfaces of metals and semiconductors in France and the United States.
In 1977 he was shortlisted for the choice of the first European astronaut. In 1982 he founded the company "Luminy-Instruments" which develops surface analysis instrumentation. It was during this period that he filed three patents, two of which were on micro-tisp flat screens. Since 1993 he has been passionate about the fields of Cold Fusion and biological transmutations. In 2004, he organized the international Conference on Cold Fusion in Marseille, where 170 researchers from 20 countries participated.
He is the editor-in-chief of the international scientific journal: "Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science". He is the author of a popular book: "The Fusion in All Its States". He is the editor of a scientific book published by Elsevier: "Cold Fusion". Since 2001 he regularly hosts scientific conferences in various places across France.

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